The artist always has the masters in his eye.

Ralph Waldo Emerson

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Tranquil Places

There are certain places, spots and spaces that draw our souls out and up where they are finally able to breathe. This spot is one such place for me. Its across town on a little bridge that leads to a one-street island of about nine homes all of which have stunning lake views front and back. A dreamy place. Somedays when I'm in the area and have an extra few minutes I drive here, but on this day we biked and paused to sniff the sweet lake water that always takes me back to being eight and learning to fish for brim off a friend's dock. For me, places near water are essential to capture a slice of tranquility. And in this case the breeze through the low hanging moss off the cypress trees on either side of the bridge also contributes to transporting my soul to a restful, thoughtful place. I wonder if you have a tranquil place and what happens in you when you go there?


  1. Loving this!! Your "about me" made me even get emotional..."I want it to matter that I was here." YES! In my sweet little town of Wheaton, I had a tranquil spot I would drive by on purpose all the time. It was just over a bridge by my house that would send me onto the cobblestone of the downtown area, small flower shop on the left and train tracks on the right.

  2. I love that tranquil town, Wheaton. It makes me happy to know you were raised in such a sweet, idyllic place. My tranquil spot there would be the Prairie Trail. I pushed Gavin in a stroller there and pulled him behind a bike once in one of those kiddie carts. Something about it was transforming to me.