The artist always has the masters in his eye.

Ralph Waldo Emerson

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Have You Got It?

For me ambiance is everything. It's the impression of a place I absorb, sometimes knowingly, sometimes stealthily, and it has the power to affect my actions, shape my attitude for better or worse. Shadow, light, fragrance, fabric, acoustics, temperature, music and other subtle intangibles all mingle together. An inviting atmosphere is the best reason I'll return to a restaurant, gallery, bookstore or boutique. Ambiance in a worship space has a profound affect on my connection with God. And when a pleasing ambiance is absent from a room, subconsciously I start inching toward the exit.This is Houstons in Winter Park, Fl. It's one of our favorite eating spots. Sure the food is great, but the real reason we go here? The view of the lake, the dark, angled beams, the just right music makes us feel so...you know.Like places, I think people emit ambience too. We give off vibes of warmth or peace, coolness or frenzy. People tune into our frequency and feel captivated or repelled, confused or intrigued, inspired or …just tired.There's a reason people loved to be with Jesus.How would people describe your personal ambiance? If you’re feeling brave ask someone you trust for their impressions. What they say could make a difference in a relationship that's eluding you. I'm wondering where you like to go because the ambiance is just right? Who do you enjoy being with because of the fragrance or light of their life? “…become blameless and pure, children of God without fault in a crooked an depraved generation, in which you shine light stars in the universe…” Philippians 2: 15)

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