The artist always has the masters in his eye.

Ralph Waldo Emerson

Friday, June 18, 2010

A Flourish Find

Found these palm leaves on a walk the other day. They were piled in a driveway where landscapers were about to toss them in the trash. The guys thought I was a bit a strange but gave permission for me to grab a bundle and carry them home. I love this natural look. Makes me feel like I'm on vacation in the Caribbean. ( Which I hope to be in the fall when we celebrate our 35 anniversary!) Just getting a little head start.


  1. So beautiful. Those are called Cyperus (Sy-peer-us). We used them alot in the floral class. You can dry them and paint them any color and have them forever. Beautiful. Love you, Lauren

  2. Beautiful...so tropical looking. I just put two red tuberous begonias in blue pots on either side of my gardenia in my kitchen window...nothing as nice as the real thing!

  3. Thanks for the info Lauren- I would've just called them palmettos branches-& jackie I'm so with you on growing live, living need to water plants where we can see them everyday. Give anything to see the begonias in your kitchen over a cup of warm Earl Gray