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Ralph Waldo Emerson

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Easy Beachy Summer Decor

At some point most summers you'll find me reading something fun under a breezy umbrella at the beach. Because we live in central Florida its an easy drive to either coast, which we have ritually done every summer for as long as I can remember. But this year we're taking a detour to the north Georgia mountains with two of our sons and their families ( in fact, I'm supposed to be packing instead of posting as we speak!) Now I AM looking forward to our trek north, hoping for cooler weather & a change of scenery but there's still nothing that says SUMMER! like shells. And since, this year, I'll be staring at vistas of peaks and trees instead of seas, I've designated several spots around the house as "beach retreats."

Above are two looks on the same tray. In April I found this small air plant on a walk in the woods near Seaside, Fl & bought the other at a local nursery. Air plants are awesome. They are truly no maintenance. The nurseryman told me about once a week to just run them quickly under water then shake off the excess or mist lightly. (Better to under water these. Thus the reason they're called air plants :) The sand color stone is from Namibia, brought home to me by my husband, David on recent trip. (When he travels I tell him all I want him to bring me is a rock. But we'll talk about the crazy thing I have for rocks in another post!)

Maybe you're like this too, but I can't help myself around shells and beach rocks. Just last week I brought more home from a 2 hr picnic dinner on Cocoa Beach. As we walked David was good to store my best finds in his pockets. All these shells are from years of collecting in Florida, the Cayman Islands, Virgin Islands, Vancouver, BC & thanks to a very special anniversary, the Cook Islands. I put these on an inexpensive bamboo platter but they would look just as great on white ceramic, glass or just piled on the table as is. For contrast I like a candle in the middle. Makes an easy summer dinner party centerpiece.

Change it up with a little green. Try an air plant or pot of mondo grass.

Any vase will do but I chose this skinny one because its such an unexpected shape. Since I didn't have driftwood laying around I used a piece of grape vine I found at Home Goods last year. Works just as well.

Whether you're planning a getaway to the beach, or lake or opting for a stay-cation this year I hope you'll arrange some of your own little summer vignettes to entice your soul to say....ahhh.
If you do, send me a photo and I'll post it here. Now, no kidding... I really gotta get packing.

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